Thursday, 23 August 2007


I have got myself a Ugandan phone so will be using +256751811479 until December. Feel free to distract me from the intensive academic programme I appear to have signed up to. The timetable (3 hours between 5-8pm Mon-Thur) is certainly a lot more teaching time than my undergraduate course and worst of all I have four three-hour exams at the end of this semester. They have also scheduled the classes in the 'Food Science and Technology' building which is the furthest point away from my halls on campus, right across what people call 'The Hill'. There is an upside though, in that it means I can now look for a job in the daytime. I have also had some positive replies about possible work for people in the UK.

Other than that Anna and her friend Natalia have arrived from Kigali so we have been visiting some of the sights of Kampala. If you are a fan of big set piece museums and the like, Kampala is not really the place for you, but it has a great atmosphere, good food and plenty of places to while away time in. Tonight we are going to the Cineplex in the 'Garden City Mall'. Garden City itself boosts (allegedly) the only escalator in Uganda and is a big Western style shopping centre that backs onto Kampala Golf Course. We used to come here occasionally when teaching in the west of the country and it took on a kind of heavenly status where we could splurge on imported food and new books.

P.S. Think I should provide a link to this very amusing sister blog...

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