Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Cup of Nations Fever

I am now the proud owner of a 20,000 shilling (about £6) covered seat for the Uganda v Niger game on Saturday September 8th at Namboole Stadium. It would be a very big deal for the country to qualify after a thirty year absence from the Africa Cup of Nations, reflected in the fact that the country’s equivalent of Richard Branson, Michael Ezra, has offered a $100,000 bonus to the squad and its coaches if they qualify. The maths is complex but effectively Uganda are attempting to get one of the three best runners-up places (Nigeria having won their group) and are currently 4th out of the 12 2nd place teams. A resounding win should do it.

The coach is a German born Hungarian called Laszlo Csaba and he has come out with some great lines to keep the press happy, including the following:

“It’s a pity that weddings in this country are better than qualifying for the Nations Cup finals…I now understand why Uganda has not managed to make the finals in over 30 years” – on finding their training ground had been hired out for several days.

“I am aware Niger do not play games at night” – when trying to move the fixture to Sunday evening in an attempt to gain a ‘tactical advantage’.

Posnet Omwony isn’t a bad keeper but the problem with him is he drops the ball so often” – convincing vote of confidence for the back-up goalkeeper.

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Matt Cook said...

Does the coach really mean Posnet Omwony or is he in fact talking about Edward Bonner....