Monday, 20 August 2007

First Impressions

Just back from the Makerere equivalent of the Cambridge 'Freshers' Fayre'. A lot more lively here - dance floor in the middle, beer tents and traders from all over Kampala selling all sorts of student stuff till late at night.

Writing this from my room in the postgrad hall which has wireless in the room (result!) so should be able to communicate pretty effectively. The room is not too bad at all and has a new bed and mattress which is welcome. The hall is small compared to the undergrad ones and seems to be a lot quieter considering the big parties that have been going on around campus. There is a common room with the equivalent of sky though so have been able to watch the football (did anyone listen to me when I was telling them Rob Styles was a prat 5 years ago?!), although it is a struggle to get the 'Big Brother Africa' fans to change the channel...

Just beginning to meet people doing others Masters courses here. I will meet the people from my course for the first time tomorrow hopefully, also looking to make contact with the football team. Otherwise went to a Ugandan wedding on saturday night which was lavish although embarrassing when the MC announced I had brought wishes from the Queen and the cameraman zoomed in to catch my reaction. Having never met the bride or groom I can imagine they will be surprised when they play the video back to their grandchildren in years to come.


Andrew Powell said...

Dear Joe,

Good to hear your room is ok and you have wireless !! How did you manage to get invited to a wedding after one day ? Hopefully seen the last of Rob Styles for a while..what a shocker. You and I remember him at Fulham in 2002 and several times since. QPR were very poor on Saturday, they must have their minds on the possible takeover. According to the Evening Standard Briatorie wants to do a Mohammed Fyad at QPR and also build a new ground in the White City area !!
Hope settling in goes well and take care.
Dad xx

Poooooaaaalll said...

Since when have you said 'result'? ie "postgrad hall which has wireless in the room (result!) so should be ..."
this is not good.
i disown you.

Chrisjb said...

Do a Fayed at QPR?
Fill the team with Egyptians? Come to think of it..........
Enjoy and take care.
Chris B