Sunday, 26 August 2007

Power cuts

Haven't managed to post recently due to the regular power cuts over the weekend. I will try and get an update on the site tomorrow. In the meantime these are the stories that have been dominating the headlines over the past week which I think give an interesting snapshot of Uganda at the moment:

- 95% of Kampala residents oppose any moves to pass law making homosexuality legal
- An opposition party have removed a portrait of President Museveni from their offices sparking a debate on whether it is really necessary for every business/office to display one
- An evengelical preist has been caught with a buzzer type device in his hand while claiming he was performing miracles on his congregation by giving them a shock
- The national football coach has attacked the football federation for hiring out their training ground for a wedding just two weeks before the crucial African Nations Cup qualifier against Niger
- A senior official has floated the idea that a women might suceed Museveni

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