Wednesday, 26 September 2007

5-day Weekend and Miss Uganda

With the lecturer unable to make class tonight and graduation ceremonies taking up Thursday and Friday, we now have a 5-day weekend to make the most of. I have some job/internship applications pending so I hope to make some progress on them. Anna left on Sunday so it has been back to the campus routine, far less interesting than visiting high-profile political offices!

On Monday a friend of mine introduced me to Miss Uganda 2007, who is a student at Makerere. Unfortunately she did nothing for the beauty queen stereotype by subsequently crashing her brand new car (the prize she won) into a pedestrian, who she then had to pay not to go to the police. Beauty contests are taken very seriously here and during the competition the press was full of allegations that her mother had bribed the judges. I think I better not pass comment as to whether she deserved it or not...

Have just finished the Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie novel 'Half of a Yellow Sun' based on events during the Nigerian civil war and the attempts to create a Biafran state. The descriptions of how life continues under siege and the effect crumbling hope has on personal relationships, are particularly powerful. It is still very evident here that Ugandans know all too well the brutal way in which civil war can tear apart communities, and how determined they are to avoid it ever happening again.

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