Thursday, 6 September 2007

Call to Arms

Those of you who read my post on the Makerere Chancellorship will be well aware of the political slant the race for this position has taken. Now it is threatening to get nasty. Student leaders are calling for a 'strike' in favour of the current Vice-President, who it is assumed would have won the post if the University Council had taken a vote, rather than forwarding two candidates to the President for him to decide.

This rather innocuous sounding 'strike' is nothing of the sort that we would associate with Bob Crow. Newspapers are reporting that students are prepared to stage a 'massive and if necessary violent' riot in support of the VP. Indeed the pro-VP students are allegedly stockpiling empty soda bottles, mineral water and stones in preparation (not the most fearsome list), and have asked all demonstrators to bring a spare t-shirt in order to cover their faces in the event of tear gas. On the other side, the backers of the alternative candidate have vowed to match any protest with equally large demonstrations of support for their man.

I should mention at this point that these rumours stem mainly from the Ugandan equivalent of The Sun, 'Red Pepper', but even so it should make for an interesting next few days.

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