Saturday, 15 September 2007


Just back from the sports ground of Makerere University Business School where we we supposed to have played out first league game of the season against another University side. However having arrived at 9.30 for a ten o'clock start we waited for over an hour and a half for the other team to turn up. There was then a protracted argument about whether they should forfeit the match and by the time an agreement had been reached the referees had disappeared. I was in the 18 man squad and although I would have started on the bench it is still frustrating not to play. Having said that the whole saga was, unfortunately, not surprising in the slightest.

There is another game next week but having missed some lectures to make training for this one I don't think I will do the same again. I have been busy buying cooking equipment as eating 'out' for every meal has become a bit tedious. Also an Italian shop has opened round the corner that sells lots of decent stuff I could easily cook and although more pricey than eating in the canteen it will be good to have some choice over what and when I eat.

Anna arrived yesterday from Nairobi so we are off to see a film tonight. I have been trying to fix up some meetings with people who will help on her dissertation topic and they will hopefully start on Monday. Will prove a good excuse to get a look inside Parliament too!

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