Tuesday, 4 September 2007


I was away all weekend so couldn't round-up the headlines in Uganda as I'm intending to do every Sunday. I hope this brief weekly summary will give people an idea of what kind of issues are dominating Ugandan news.

- An American Priest from Virginia has been consecrated as a Bishop by the Anglican Church of Uganda. This means 33 parishes in the US will now by under the Church of Uganda's authority, apparently to 'recapture the priority of evangelism' but in reality as a protest at the consecration of the openly gay Gene Robinson by the US Episcopal Church four years ago.

- Trouble again flared in Eastern Congo where a Tutsi warlord has declared a 'state of war' after accusing the Congolese government of working with Rwandan Hutu rebels to attack his forces.

- 75 Ugandan soldiers and family members were killed in a huge road accident, sparking debate over the professionalism or otherwise of the UPDF (Uganda People's Defence Force).

- In sport, Moses Kipsiro's bronze in the 5000m, ensuring the country's only medal from Osaka, narrowly squeezed out Ronaldo and Co's extra-curricular activities from the back pages.

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