Sunday, 30 September 2007

Quick Update

It has been a fairly quiet few days on campus, aside from a leaving party for a group of Norwegian medics on Thursday night which was very lively. It seems that there is always a welcoming/leaving meal for medical students from various European countries who come to work at Mulago Hospital for ten weeks as part of their 'elective'. There are two designated houses for them on campus and they all seem to enjoy the level of work they are able to undertake at Mulago, which is far above what they would be allowed to do in Europe.

Other than that I have been to football training everyday as there have been no lectures. We have a game on Tuesday which I hope to be involved in but unfortunately I have to miss the last session tomorrow. There has also been a novelty this weekend in that power and water have stayed on throughout. Maybe Uganda really is 'ready for CHOGM'...

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