Friday, 5 October 2007

Angry Students

Makerere University is having a rough week. After the burning down of a warden's office over the pace of renovation in one of the halls, there were further student protests yesterday around campus. These focused on the total blackout on Thursday which saw classes (including ours) ending early. The rumour is that the university has effectively run out of cash and cannot afford to keep paying its power bill. Further to that the internet service has also collapsed, again rumoured to be due to missed payments.

This all came after over 100 students were expelled earlier in the week for producing false academic papers in order to complete their registration and 7000 undergraduates were revealed to have not paid any part of their fees yet. There clearly needs to be a shake-up in the administration of the university and many people are pinning their hopes on the new Chancellor to sort out some of this mess.

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