Monday, 22 October 2007

News Round-Up

  • The death of reggae star Lucky Dube, in a botched hijacking attempt in Johannesburg, has really affected people here. A peace-loving musician who campaigned against racism, he had an immense following throughout Africa and was mobbed every time he visited Uganda. He was due here in a couple of months for another tour and will be sadly missed.
  • The Government has dropped plans to giveaway part of the ancient Mabira Forest to commercial sugarcane producers. The 'Save Mabira' movement has regularly protested at the move and the decision represents a victory for environmentalists here.
  • Brazilian President, Lula Da Silva, has called on African countries to develop their own lending and financing institutions to escape the clutches of the World Bank and IMF. He argued these 'rich nation' bodies do nothing for developing countries and hinder attempts to gain economic independence.
  • The large number of boat accidents on Lake Albert has been explained by the discovery of British deployed metal spikes, positioned to repel attacks from Belgian run Congo during the 'Scramble for Africa'. Over 1000 people have died on Lake Albert since 1997.

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