Thursday, 18 October 2007

Registered...At Last

The issuing of an ID card may not seem a particularly extraordinary event at any university but after 45 visits to 14 different offices, upwards of 50 photocopies, 12 different forms, 7 stamps, 1 name change and several million shillings, it marks for me the day I became an officially recognised student at Makerere. That is not to say that I deliberately scowled into the camera out of protest at the mindless bureaucracy, merely that smiling in photos is frowned upon in Uganda and the ID issuer refused any attempt on my behalf to look less like a mass murderer.

The main sports bar in Kampala, which is always packed full of expats supporting their teams, was a sombre place last night after England's capitulation in Moscow. Like Uganda we are left relying on other teams to ensure qualification, unlike Uganda we don't deserve any better, despite the clearly incorrect penalty decision. Let's hope Saturday sees a more spirited England performance in a final that will bring together the two largest expatriate communities in Kampala. Kicking-off at 10pm local time it is bound to be an interesting night.

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