Thursday, 11 October 2007

Weekend Away

From tomorrow I will be away from Kampala (and the Internet) for several days at the Murchison Falls National Park, in the North-West of the country. The Nile runs through the park and, according to the Ugandan Wildlife Authority, 'explodes violently through a narrow cleft in the Rift Valley escarpment to plunge into a frothing pool 43m below'. Sounds exciting.

Yesterday I attended the launch of the Millennium Development Goals Progress Report for Uganda. It is striking how far so many of the goals are from being reached by the target date of 2015, not that Uganda are by any means doing badly compared to other Sub-Saharan African countries, particularly on HIV rates. It seems the most difficulty here is in cutting infant mortality rates and reducing the number of mothers dying during childbirth. The latter is a reflection on the fact that the majority of births here do not take place with a trained health professional present. My first thought was of the number of Ugandan nurses working in the UK...

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