Wednesday, 7 November 2007


I haven't done a news round-up for a couple of weeks but since there has been a lot going on recently here goes...
  • The Lords Resistance Army (LRA) negotiators have been in town this week in an effort to kick life into the Juba peace talks, aimed at bringing a lasting end to the war in Northern Uganda. One of the key unresolved issues is what to do with the LRA leaders if peace is agreed. Joseph Kony and his four top commanders all have International Criminal Court (ICC) arrest warrants hanging over them and are refusing to leave the 'bush' until these are lifted. However, the Ugandan Government cannot unilaterally do this and regardless it is clear that some sort of trial is necessary. It is inconceivable that Kony and Co will avoid justice for the horrific crimes of the LRA, which include murder (some would say genocide), child abduction, mutilation, rape and looting.

  • President Museveni has heaped scorn on the inaugural Mo Ibrahim award for African leadership, which gave former Mozambique premier Joaquim Chissano a $5 million prize last week. "If you are used to poor leaders, I am not one of them" he told us, arguing that he doesn't need to be 'bribed' to retire and therefore fulfill one of the criteria of the award. In other news the 'Museveni for a Fourth Term' campaign is now up and running...

  • CHOGM preparations continue to disrupt (sorry improve) the streets of Kampala. The Queen is certainly the guest most people are looking forward to seeing, although I expect the vast majority will be disappointed. Let's hope Prince Phillip is on form too.

  • And finally Maureen, Uganda's entry on Big Brother Africa, was evicted last week, leaving three remaining housemates to battle it out for the $100,000 prize. She was met at Entebbe airport by huge crowds, which prompted the Minister for Ethics to tell Ugandans to get back to work and stop wasting their time on frivolous so-called celebrities. I'm just happy that the monopoly on the common room TV can now be broken.

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