Friday, 16 November 2007

We Are Liftoff!

Last night I attended the first of the Commonwealth events that are taking place in Uganda during the lead up to the Heads of Government Meeting next weekend. The event was the opening ceremony of the Youth Forum in Entebbe. This is a week-long workshop in which two delegates from each Commonwealth country come to discuss youth issues. I was sitting with the invited guests but it was interesting to watch the delegates' reactions to the Big Man's speech. One told me it was how he imagined it would be listening to Castro (a bit unfair I thought - although I had heard the exact same speech last week), while the Maltese lady, who had to close the ceremony as the previous host, took the opportunity for a quick snooze. Overall though it was a great event, with the Caribbean delegates easily taking the award for greatest commitment to the after-party...

Pakistan looks set to dominate the news agenda in the run-up to the main event. Don McKinnon, the straight-talking Secretary General of the Commonwealth Secretariat, has already talked about suspending the country and it will be no surprise if some kind of censure is issued next week. A Pakistani journalist I met recently thinks that the situation is being over-hyped by Western media outlets and had some very valid criticisms of Bhutto's constant shifting of her position. In terms of next week, though, I would be very surprised if Musharaff would be prepared to risk leaving the country anyway.

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