Sunday, 9 December 2007

Dag Crew

I have been taking some photos to send off with an article on Makerere that should be in the Guardian this week. They are all in the 'Dag' postgraduate hall and show some of the characters that live and work here. Above are a group of friends from the first floor of the block. Below is Wanda, who lives opposite and is putting out his washing, and Stephen, who is two doors down from me and whose house I stayed in for a wedding he invited me to a few weeks ago. Two down is David and Deo, the former works as a maintenance man in Dag and the latter has a car washing operation outside. Deo is also the fixer who makes sure all football games are on in the common room (most likely to be heard saying: 'that Adebayor is a very fake player') and can sort out anything you might need. Finally at the bottom of the page is the Head Custodian, known simply as 'Chief', who along with the Academic Warden is responsible for the smooth running of the hall.

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