Friday, 18 January 2008

It's what everyone's been waiting for...'Joe in Uganda' is back

After a 24 hour door-to-door journey that left my luggage in Dubai and my sanity somewhere over Ethiopia I am finally back in Kampala. Not much seems to have changed here, although fuel prices are up by around 20% due to the problems in Kenya. There is a busy weekend ahead meeting the new volunteers from my old school in London, UCS. They are coming to teach at the school with which they are linked called Equatorial College School in Western Uganda. I will be escorting them up there on Sunday (after introducing them to what Kampala has to offer tomorrow night...) and then returning to the Action Aid offices from the middle of next week.

I thought I would write a list of some of my aims for this semester (a sort of Uganda based set of New Year resolutions), partly to force me into action by putting them into the public domain, but also so I can see how lazy/productive I have been when I come back to the UK in June. Here we go...

- Take some driving lessons in Kampala and pass my UK test in the summer
- Visit at least one of Kigali (Rwanda) or Juba (South Sudan)
- Help with getting the 'Teachers' Centre' project at the above mentioned school off the ground
- Successfully help launch the 'Hunger FREE 2008' campaign with Action Aid
- Visit the last main parts of Uganda I have not been to in the North and the islands on Lake Victoria
- Extend my local language vocabulary beyond greetings and basics
- Finish courseworks well in advance of the deadlines (!) and start on my thesis
- Publish another article for someone

Wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

Good luck

guess.... ermm cant think of a clue... ah screw it its paul. said...

loool kk ill race you to get that slightly degrading L off the liscence... although i suspect driving is slightly different between the countries!! maahhh just went to see enchanted [yeah im hardcore] which was gd hope all is joyous in camp of ala and that your sanity will be catching up with you soon.xx