Thursday, 31 January 2008

Start of Term in Doubt - "We won’t teach next semester" say Lecturers

Trouble is once again brewing on campus due to a cocktail of unpaid lecturer wages, a chronic lack of teaching materials and, most alarmingly, a 800,000,000 shilling (~£240k) raid on the staff pension fund. The latter has apparently been used to clear a long standing income tax bill after the Uganda Revenue Authority threatened to begin imposing fines on the university. Pensioners have now been without their payments for several weeks.

This is not the start that new Chancellor Kagonyera would have been hoping for. The man who topped the performance rankings at the interview stage was eventually appointed by the President on Christmas Eve, ahead of Vice-President Bukenya. The tabloid rumours are that Bukenya was punished for not offering the President his unequivocal backing over a controversial Land Bill passing through Parliament. As has long been the case at Makerere, politics and education continue to be closely intertwined.

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