Wednesday, 13 February 2008

'Resume teaching or resign'

Having been ordered to go back to work tomorrow the lecturers' union, MUASA, met today to decide their response. Given the tone of their spokesman prior to the meeting - "we all want a better university and that is why we are demanding teaching materials and better working conditions" - it is hard to see a quick resolution. Eyes now turn to the student response which is expected to come on Friday. During the last major lecturer strike, at the end of 2006, student protests were broken up by baton wielding police and liberal use of the President's favourite non-lethal form of crowd control, tear gas.

2120 update: The lecturers' union has announced that they will not go back to teach until more of their demands have been met (particularly the money for teaching materials). The students have responded by bringing forward their protest to tomorrow. Police are being deployed as I speak. It should be an interesting day - I'll try and post updates and maybe photos here tomorrow.


tumwijuke said...

Hi. Stumbled across your page courtesy of the Scarlet Lion. Very interesting observations of the Ivory Tower. Will be back.

Scarlett Lion said...

Hey Joe-

This post is officially your Scarlett Lion post!

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Also, wondering if you know more about what/when will be happening tomorrow? Going to send AP an email and see if they're interested.

I do love me a good riot! It's WAY better than following around the German President.

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