Monday, 11 February 2008

Strike To 'Get Ugly'

Students are now all back on campus after the holidays and the lecturers' strike is at a crucial stage. Tomorrow the University Council are holding a meeting in which (according to my source)the Chairman will order lecturers back to work on Wednesday or face disciplinary action. The lecturers' union is expected to meet on Wednesday morning to decide their reaction, which will almost certainly be not to comply to the order. Management has already started putting pressure on junior lecturers to show up or face the consequences. Government has also weighed in and is threatening mass sackings.

According to striking tradition at Makerere the next move will be a students' strike in protest at the lack of lectures. The rumour is that management is secretly encouraging the students to take action in order to force the lecturers back to work. All the while wages and allowances are in serious arrears and teaching materials are non-existent. Time to get out the marching boots...

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