Monday, 7 April 2008

Monitor puffs Casino Simba again

Just a brief follow-up on a story I posted here a few weeks ago. It seems the Daily Monitor, strap-line: 'Truth Every Day', has again decided that a lengthy article on sports betting prominently featuring Casino Simba would be of interest to its readers. The headline this time around is the more sober 'Sports betting for the money, and the fun', rather than the 'Ugandans make billions' front page of last month.

I have no problem with articles on the increase of betting in Uganda but the Monitor's offerings are little more than an elaborate product placement. In the latest article Casino Simba is mentioned 8 times, while on March 3rd the company had 5 name checks. People working at the paper have told me it is not uncommon for money to exchange hands when writing this type of article. This is disappointing, especially from the Monitor which is Uganda's main independent newspaper and is relied upon by many for accurate and impartial news reporting. If the practice is found to have taken place here then heads should roll.


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DMG said...

This is a very good observation on how the media in Uganda can be avenues of "big business". Your blog is very good and informative, keep it up!