Thursday, 10 April 2008

Strike Threats Resume

(At the risk of sounding like a broken record)

The prospect of further strikes at Makerere has become a distinct possibility in the past few days, much to the consternation of students on campus. There are now 7 days remaining of a staff association issued ultimatum demanding the resignation of the Vice-Chancellor and three other high-ranking university officials. This time round the issue is over salary enhancements that would mean professors at Makerere would earn slightly more than their counterparts at other public universities. This is against Government policy and as such the extra money is, apparently, being diverted towards teaching materials and facilities.

As is always the case on campus it is difficult to see through the fog of propaganda on both sides, but my instinct is that the lecturers would lose the sympathy of the students if they walk out again. Having already had a lengthy disruption at the start of the semester, which the student body largely supported, the semester has been compressed to the point that exams are being pushed back into the recess. The current grievances need to be resolved in the boardroom, and not by punishing those that simply want to get on with their degrees.

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