Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Would this song pass the Advertising Standards Authority?

Bell Lager is the oldest and one of the most popular beers in Uganda. While it has had many campaign slogans in the past - 'You can tell who drinks a Bell' - the current campaign centres around the dubious claim that Bell won't give drinkers a hangover. Indeed they are not alone in promoting hangover-free booze. Somewhat more incredulously a new company is promoting vodka and whiskey which is 'guaranteed' to leave you with a clear head in the morning. Although I can't vouch for the latter I can unequivocally confirm that Bell is not the miracle drink it claims to be...

The following is Bell Lager's official anthem, which is aired night after night on Kampala's radio stations:

Evenings with friends,
The good times never end,
And yet mornings are as bright as the sun.

Take on the next day,
Clear as the sun ray,
Despite the long, long evenings of fun.

Bell evenings…
Are followed by clear mornings!

The brewing of Bell Lager involves a time-honoured process that ensures a unique quality you can see, hear, smell and taste.

It is so well matured that you can enjoy longer evenings...
and clear mornings.

Bell evenings…
Are followed by clear mornings!

Bell Lager shares your passion for quality.

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tumwijuke said...

And you'd never believe those commercials are more than give years old. The advertising industry and watchdogs in Uganda have never heard of the word 'ethics'.