Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Introducing Your New Foreign Minister

Okay, so it is only the Council of Graduate Students (COGS) at Makerere, and the election process was not exactly rigorous, but even so the title sounds good and it should be an opportunity to do some worthwhile work. My friend Abdul Muhiire (pictured right) is the newly elected President of COGS and he has the power to appoint his cabinet, hence as one of his campaign team he offered me the above position. It will basically involve forming more international partnerships between Makerere and other universities, and ensuring that international students have a enjoyable and trouble-free time here.

The swearing in ceremony took place last Thursday and was presided over by the Government Chief Whip, Hon. Kabakumba (over my left shoulder as I give the oath). The cabinet also contains a retired Colonel, Fred Mwesigye, who played an important role in the NRM bush war which brought Museveni to power in 1986 and who donated ten bulls to the victory party for the recently elected Students' Guild President, Robert Rutharo - the first NRM President for ten years. Also in the cabinet is James, the new Minister for Information (Mis-Information?). There is a possibility that a report about the new 'COGS' cabinet will appear in the New Vision shortly. If it does I will post the link here.

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