Wednesday, 28 May 2008

"Two Whites and a Colonel" - Unnamed Observer During the COGS Swearing-in

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sendkathy said...

Hello Ugandan Joe,
I stumbled upon your blog in search of Ugandan cultural insights from an international perspective. My interest is based on a relationship with Martin Sebuliba Victor of Wakiso, founder of Springs Alive 3 years ago. SPA is a community providing housing and education to orphans of HIV/poverty and war. He and I connected via Global Gateway UK, an organization matching educators around the world in order to forge global relationships. SPA also has a relationship with a school in Cardiff, Wales.

I helped SPA start a blog to get the word out about their progress. Would you consider making a visit to SPA and posting your impressions on your blog? I have never traveled to Uganda and would love to hear your thoughts about the SPA project.

I have subscribed to your blog. Surprise me!

I can be reached at: