Thursday, 22 May 2008

View From My Window

I recently moved out of 'Dag' postgraduate hall on campus, and into a house down the road in Kamwokya where James has been living since last August. 'Dag' was good fun but it was beginning to feel claustrophobic and with most of my friends having left in the past few months it made sense to move. Having a fridge and a kitchen also means I am becoming slightly less reliant on take-aways in Wandegeya, much to the relief of my internal organs.

From my new window you can see the stark difference in the quality of housing in Kampala, which is easily identifiable by the type of roof a house has. New well-to-do houses tend to have expensively tiled roofs while a rusting iron number normally indicates a more modest home. Indeed, this is also the method the President uses to judge the development of rural areas as he flies over in his helicopter. In the rural areas, however, it is the iron roofs that are a sign of prosperity and the thatched mud huts that indicate greater poverty.

My window also overlooks our shared garden, complete with matooke (banana) plants and a towering paw-paw tree. The photo above is of two boys shinning up the tree to try and knock down the riper fruits.

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