Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Back in Uganda

As I've now been back in Uganda for just over a week I thought it was about time to reactivate this blog. I am back here for the start of the third semester in the two year Masters I'm taking at Makerere. I will also be continuing work as an intern (although now part-time) at Action Aid, working on trade and food security issues for the policy team. Indeed I'm just back from clocking up the first workshop of the new term at Entebbe, the snappily titled 'East African Community Regional Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue on Economic Partnership Agreements and World Trade Organisation Negotiations'.

This semester is when the research element of the Masters really kicks in. I am looking into Ugandan export industries and the potential effects that the furthering of free trade with the EU will have on them. This is the context of trade-led development which is increasingly seem as a far more effective path to higher living standards than the traditional aid strategies. I will aim to keep this blog reasonably up to date with the state of the research but as I'm aware this post has been incredibly dull I think I'll leave it there for now!

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