Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Photos from the 'HungerFREE Campaign'

Over the past three weeks a team of Action Aid staff has been touring Uganda to promote our 'HungerFREE' campaign, with a particular emphasis on the role of rural women in food security issues. Our broad themes of access to seed, land and markets remained the same, however we were also aiming to raise some of the specific problems that women in certain parts of Uganda have to deal with. To give some context women in Uganda constitute 80% of the agricultural labour force and yet only 7% of women own land. This means that the proceeds of production are dominated by men, who, it is generally thought, waste far more. Of course the issue of land ownership is highly sensitive in certain cultures, meaning our campaign has to tread carefully. However, after speaking to dozens of women farmers on the tour I have no doubt that Ugandan agriculture would be in a far stronger position if women were allowed to have full control over the means of production, and not just supply the hard work.

These are some of the photos I took during the campaign, starting with children holding up 'HungerFREE' placards outside the campaign bus in Barlonyo, Northern Uganda:

A group of women farmers from the islands of Kalangala discuss what changes they would like to see to improve their livlihoods:

A mass rally of women farmers marching through Masindi town as bicycle boda-boda men look on:

Action Aid staff discuss the Masindi march:

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