Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Boda-Bodas Banned From Campus

It's been a turbulent couple of weeks on campus. First Kenyan students rioted in protest at paying more in fees than their Ugandan counterparts. Seemingly oblivious to the fact that (as far as I know) every university in the world charges their international students more, the Kenyans threatened to take senior staff members hostage and as a result there is now a police enforced curfew at Makerere. The situation was not helped by a knee-jerk request from the Big Man to allow them to pay the same. It seems the way forward will now be for the next session of the East African Legislative Assembly to agree on a common tariff, so that all citizens in the region can study at a cost below that of the standard international rate.

The second major issue to arise is today's banning of boda-bodas on campus. In the past few days a resolution was passed by administrators to prevent the motorcycles from entering, and as a result three friendly (if AK-47 wielding) police officers were stationed at the main gate to turn around the drivers and their passengers. It was not a coincidence that our lecture hall was half-full tonight. I expect this will last for a few days before the police get bored, however the point remains that there are surely more pressing concerns at the university than a pointless ban of this popular, and generally harmless, form of transport.

(Full Disclosure: Our lecture hall is a 25 minute walk from the main gate...)

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apples said...

They what??

I never even heard of (or noticed) that, so your prediction was right.

Besides,t he uni wouldn't survive without the bodas - you can't expect the students to walk to class! (I tried and the others were like "What did you do?? You look all warm! Why don't you go on a shuttle??" Gee, a Norwegian in Uganda who looks warm, go figure... :)