Thursday, 19 February 2009


There is not much I can add to the pages of reshuffle analysis in the newspapers, except perhaps to give a summary for non-Ugandan readers:
  • The President's wife and MP for Ruhaama County, Janet Museveni, received her first ministerial appointment in charge of Karamoja affairs. This was widely seen as a sign of things to come. On a personal note, having worked on Karamoja for the past two months, I was delighted to see a high profile Minister taking over the portfolio. The region is in urgent need of attention.
  • Finance Minister Suruma was sacked, the move being variously attributed to his role in a major land scandal or his inability to take on entrenched interests in the ministry.
  • The fiery Major General Otafiire was unhappy at being moved sideways from Local Government to Trade and Industry. Again on a personal note I am happy to see someone with more clout in the Trade Ministry, which had become incredibly ineffective under previous leadership.
  • In a range of other promotions Museveni rewarded supporters of the under-fire Security Minister Mbabazi, who was heavily involved in the same land scandal that may have ended Suruma's career.
  • In general the changes are being seen as creating an 'election cabinet'. Role on 2011.

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