Sunday, 8 February 2009

Grumpy Old Man

Dear BBC,

I have lived in Uganda for two years and always thoroughly enjoyed the World Service. The programming is mostly of fantastic quality and I know how popular it is with Ugandans and expatriates.

However, I have one complaint to make which may seem trivial but I know is a real irritant for listeners here in Uganda. Why are Sportsworld and Sportsworld Extra constantly interrupted to cut to the news is Swahili? This happens week after week, one example being today when commentary of Manchester United versus West Ham was taken off with 10 minutes remaining. Why does this happen? Why can't Swahili news be scheduled normally (aside from the fact that the vast majority of Ugandans don't speak Swahili)? From canvassing friends I know that football commentaries are one of the most popular programmes on the radio station. Please allow us to enjoy the little we get without interruption.

Many thanks,
Joe Powell

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