Wednesday, 11 February 2009

When Leaders Exercise

Ugandan Insomniac flagged up this wonderful photo of the President doing press-ups at a visit to a secondary school, apparently to demonstrate the importance of exercise to the onlooking students. Of course it's a political stunt (time to amend the 75-year age limit in the constitution anyone? Never mind 2011, 2016 is fast approaching...) but one that every politician worldwide indulges in. There are some great example of paparazzi 'stumbling' across our leaders engaged in vigorous, virile activity, and it has the potential to do some good. President Obama has been credited with giving the US fitness industry a boost due to his daily workout. Similarly President Sarkozy has gone some way to changing the French attitude to jogging. Perhaps, though, we should hope that PM Putin's exploits prove less of an inspiration...

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