Thursday, 5 March 2009

The Deadly Flash Drive

Before training with Kamwokya FC last week (in an under-reported January transfer I made the switch from the University team), we (the players) participated in a drill designed to raise awareness of STDs. We lined up in two groups of ten facing each other and passed the ball behind our backs until the coach blew his whistle. A member of the other group then had to guess where the ball was, and inevitably chose wrongly on most occasions. The lesson? You cannot tell who has, or doesn't have, an STD just by looking at them.

This seemed to me a simple and effective way of spreading an important message. And it could easily be adapted for campus students. Under my plan 100 USB flash drives would be distributed to students of University Hall. They would then be told to go and print their work in one of the many duka computer shops in Wandegeya, before bringing their sticks back for testing. The horrified look on the students' faces as they see that every single flash drive is infested with viruses would surely be enough to solve the sugar daddy problem once and for all...

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