Friday, 20 March 2009

Is This the Worst Interview Answer Ever?

Margaret Mbeiza is a rare breed of politician in Uganda for all the wrong reasons. She was the only new Presidential appointee who failed to pass the Parliamentary vetting process, after the committee in charge expressed grave concerns over her ability to handle the Economic Monitoring portfolio to which she had been assigned. After reading her interview in this week's Independent (during which Steven Kibuuka implies her 'special' friendship with the President is the reason behind her appointment) it is easy to see why Parliament rejected her. My favourite response is this one:

Independent: How does it feel like being appointed a minister?

Margaret Mbeiza MP: It's very good; in fact very good because everyone will fear you and you will be called titles like honourable minister which is fantastic.

No further comment needed.


petesmama said...

None indeed.

My country amuses me for all the wrong reasons.

Spartakuss said...

i love this country but i will be had some of these people before we have to let some things out in public. good call joe!

tumwijuke said...


Oh. Dear.

Emi's said...

These are the people, who we talk about when noting the dogs that have moved into the govt system in numbers