Sunday, 15 March 2009

Makerere Election Looms

Tomorrow is Election Day on campus, with eight candidates vying to replace Robert Rutaro as the Guild President. Rutaro's term has been largely uneventful, notable mainly for the fact that he was the first NRM candidate in a decade to capture the position. The campaigns this time around have been the standard mix of pointless noise-making, wasted money and terrible political slogans. This year we get to choose from such gems as 'Celebrating Diversity in Leadership', 'East African Community Oyee', 'One for All, All for One' and 'Struggle is Our Life'. Depressingly it appears as though the contest will likely once again come down to a battle between the candidates representing the NRM and Democratic Party, although I am hopeful that spirited Independent Husnah Natukunda will run them closer than expected. An improvement on last year's dismal turnout would also be a bonus.

Ivory Post, the (regrettably rarely updated) Makerere students' online magazine, has a good rundown of the campaign here.


Spartakuss said...

hey, nice work linking to the post. i was skimming through Node Six and your blog came up here.
nice to have you here.

Joe Powell said...

Cheers Spartakuss - got you on Google Reader. Btw where did it come up on Node Six?