Friday, 3 April 2009

G20 Snub Gaddafi?

Looking at the G20 guest list it was interesting to see which international and regional organisations were represented. The IMF, World Bank, World Trade Organisation and UN leaders were all understandably present. So was José Manuel Barroso, the President of the European Commission, and the Prime Minister of Thailand represented the Association of Southeast Asian nations. But the African Union (AU), Chaired by President Gaddafi, was noticeably absent. Instead Prime Minister Zenawi of Ethiopia attended in his capacity as Chair of the New Partnership for Africa's Development (NEPAD), a programme which is run by the AU. Surely protocol would normally dictate that the Chair of the AU would be invited before the Chair of NEPAD? Or perhaps it had more to do with who could be trusted to behave themselves at dinner and not disrupt the negotiations?

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Anonymous said...

Great. At least the world has recognised, at long last, what a horrible individual Gaddafi is. I hope they keep him isolated and in his place for as long as he stays in power, which I hope is not too long!!

Bilal Ahmed Bilal, London