Thursday, 16 April 2009

Ugandan Guide To Road Users

In four weeks time I will, according to the friendly lady at the Automobile Association of Uganda, be the proud owner of a three year driving permit. That is of course if I can successfully negotiate the theory test, which is based on a handbook containing such gems as:
  • Do not overtake just for the fun of overtaking
  • Never compete with a train
  • Do not just dangle your arms out the window (in the signs section)
  • You can easily smell if the other driver has been drinking
And my personal favourite:
  • If you hear the siren or see blue flashing lights of the State motorcade approaching draw your vehicle to the extreme left...Do not try to overtake or join the motorcade.
Not join the motorcade! Do they want to take all the fun out of driving?

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Anonymous said...

...tee hee hee, that surely takes the fun outta drivin'
nice work