Monday, 11 May 2009

The BNP Slurs Uganda

Ugandan Insomniac has been having fun with the Simon Darby (he of the far-right British National Party) comments about Uganda last week. For those of you that missed his rant this is the best part:

Dr Sentamu should not interfere in the political process. He’s not in any position to tell me or anyone else who is, or isn’t, English. If I went to Uganda and told them that they were all genetic mongrels and that anyone could be Ugandan I’d still be picking spears out of myself now.

He went on to defend his remarks:

I am not implying that all Ugandan people use spears at all. I was speaking specifically about the indigenous people. The spear is an integral part of their culture and lifestyle.

Ah, the indigenous people. That explains it. Ugandan Insominiac then helpfully compiled a day in her life to help Darby with his future proclamations about the country:

Once I’m done with my breakfast of warm buffalo blood and slugs, I’ll shower in the jungle waterfalls outside my cave and smear myself with pig fat. I think I’ll wear my chicken bone earrings today; they go well with my goat skin skirt and my leopard teeth necklace...It’s gonna be busy, but only after my supper of wild mushrooms, ostrich eggs and giraffe intestines, will I write an appropriate response to Mr. Darby.

It is comments like his that reinforce my belief that the best way to deal with the BNP is to let them spout their rubbish and then tackle it head on. Gagging them invariably results in free publicity and undeserved sympathy. In this case I cannot believe that his ignorant, juvenile and racist comments will win them any votes in next month's elections.

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Anonymous said...

Basically labour have screwed it up so bad, that the early signs are the far right groups are gaining.