Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Campus Water

When it comes to bottled water I have always been a one brand man (for UK-based readers the tap water revolution has yet to hit Uganda. I blame cholera). Highland, Aqua Sipi, Riham, Wavah, Dasani, Ripples, Peak, Refresh and the other atrociously named bottles on offer just don't compete when a bottle of Rwenzori is on sale - although I have to admit being disappointed when I found out it was actually tapped from a swamp at Namanve (also home to a large power station) and not the ice topped border mountains with DRC.

However, my loyalties are now going to be tested as the ever-innovative Makerere Food Science department has launched their very own 'Campus Water'. Now if they could just improve the metallic taste...


Matt said...

Why on earth would they want to improve on the metallic taste? This is the age of modernization, after all.

tumwijuke said...

Maybe it's metal-flavored mineral water.

Interesting stuff from MUK. I'm making a call to investigate it further.