Monday, 25 May 2009

Kabushenga in Unfortunate Salute

Possibly time for Vision Voice to hire a new marketing team?

H-T: Rowan


petesmama said...

Well, it sort of depends. The market Kabushenga is being sold to, namely Christians, generally recognise that gesture as saying a blessing over someone, and not the unfortunate salute.

Kabushenga is taking the gesture back from the Nazis!

Samuel Bostock said...

Yeah that's obviously a Christian-type blessing rather than a Nazi salute. A Nazi salute would have a fully extended arm and a moustache.

Liberal media bias?

Joe Powell said...

Is this blog in the liberal media bias category Sam?!

I'm sure it is a blessing but I think they could have chosen a cleverer image without the obvious connotations from raising a right arm, fairly straight with an open hand.

Rowan said...
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tumwijuke said...


I see this billboard everyday and hadn't noticed this.