Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Links etc

I don't normally post link lists but I think these are worth sharing:

1. Alison Evans pays tribute to the 11 years Simon Maxwell spent as Director of the Overseas Development Institute. Maxwell's mantra of 'find out who is making what policy decision and when, and what evidence they need to make it' should be at the forefront of every researchers mind. His attitude reminds me of one of my old Cambridge Professors, Ron Martin, who drummed into us the importance of doing policy relevant research.

2. Rosebell Kagumire chides the Ugandan Journalists Association for accepting a gift of UGX 150m from the President.

3. Paul Collier points out the trillion dollar 'aid' flows from China to the US.

4. For those of you abroad who crave good radio the Africa Online Digital Library has a great podcast series which I've only recently discovered.

5. Nancy Birdsall writes about the disappointment many in the 'development community' have felt about the lack of attention USAID has received during Obama's first 100 days


6. An innovative scheme by Kenyan women's activists to break the country's political impasse.

1912 Update - bonus link:

7. White African charts the rise of the motorcycle taxi (boda-boda) in Africa.

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