Monday, 8 June 2009

Links etc

1. If you have a spare hour and a half-decent Internet connection then Barack Obama's fantastic speech in Cairo is well worth watching. A little thing maybe, but can you imagine George Bush ever saying 'Asalaam Alaykum'?

2. President Museveni also delivered a major speech last week, addressing Parliament for his annual State of the Nation. The New Vision interpreted the speech as the beginning of a war against corruption, while other commentators were underwhelmed by the lack of policy announcements. A nice line from the paper: When the opposition refused to applaud him, he accused them of being jealous and teasingly said they can "go hang."



tumwijuke said...

I heard YKM give the State of the Nation address. He was in a very good mood. In Ugaspeak, 'he enjoyed the opposition'.

If you believe everything he said, well ... I wouldn't have waded through a river of human waste outside Kitgum town today.

Joe Powell said...

He did seem to be enjoying himself. I didn't think it was a bad speech but it was exactly the same as the one he gave last year.