Monday, 29 June 2009

Uganda Talks

Blogging on this site is going to be much lighter in future with the launch of Uganda Talks, the new current affairs blog of The Independent magazine. It's been a while coming but we finally launched today and for the time being I will be editing the site. I hope that you have a look and I would really value any feedback you have. There are bound to be teething problems in the first few weeks but it is my hope that we will soon be established as the best place to find cutting edge opinion and analysis related to Uganda. We will also be running guest spots so if anyone has something to get off their chest please contact me either through the comments here or: joepowell at

Enjoy and spread the word!


Lorraine said...

Hi Joe, I tried the "Uganda Talks" link and it didn't work.

Joe Powell said...

Hi Lorraine - apologies, should work now